Is Wáhta’ Maple Farm Syrup Organic?

Yes. According to the NYS Department of Agriculture, “The term ‘organic’ can be used to label products when farmers and food processors follow the federal regulations comprising the National Organic Program. Organic farming methods emphasize soil health, biological insect and disease control, and natural fertilizers. Organic food processors cannot use synthetic food preservatives or non-organic additives, although there are several exceptions.” We are in full compliance with these regulations.

What type of maple trees make the best syrup?

The Cornell Sugar Maple Research & Extension Program weighed in on this answer, citing the sugar maple as the most desirable tree to tap for the best pure maple syrup. Sugar maples are hardwoods native to the Northeastern United States and Canada. Given their higher sugar content, sugar maples produce better flavored syrup compared to other maple species.

What’s the best kind of maple syrup for baking?

For baking, always use a high-quality, 100% pure maple syrup like Wáhta’ Maple Farm Syrups. The aroma and richness of a premium-grade syrup adds the signature maple flavor that lesser quality syrups and blends can’t match.

What are some creative ways to use maple syrup?

When it comes to small-batch, hand-crafted maple syrup, it’s time to think beyond the pancake. Get creative with milkshakes like maple pumpkin or maple peach, or create healthy snacks like maple pecan popcorn. Looking for some creative main courses? Try maple balsamic-glazed pork chops or grilled ham with maple-glazed pineapple. Entertaining for the holidays? Treat your guests to a maple bourbon Old Fashioned, maple fudge or maple spiced candied walnuts.

When is maple season in New York?

Tree-tapping season is short in New York State, usually only four to six weeks in early spring.

Does maple syrup go bad?

As a general rule, 100% pure maple syrup can be stored either unopened in the pantry or opened in the refrigerator for up to a year.

Can I order Wáhta’ Maple Farm Syrup online?

We hope to add online ordering in the future, but currently, our small-batch Wáhta’ Maple Farm Syrup is only available for purchase at Maple Leaf Market, SavOn Convenience Stores, Turning Stone Resort Casino’s General Store and Oneida Heritage, Point Place Casino, YBR Casino & Sportsbook, Sylvan Beach Supply Co. at The Cove and Shako:wi Cultural Center.

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